An Unwanted Break From Visiting Blogs

We’ve had some sad news in my husband’s family. While not unexpected, we’re in “waiting mode” to make a trip back to the Midwest. With everything else going on right now, I just can’t juggle blogging visits, too. I could be back to visiting your blogs next week, or it might be in a few. But I will be back. I just wanted to let you know why I’m away.

Extending The Hiatus

I hope 2015 is off to a good start for everyone.

My November PerNoReMo went well. I ended up with a good idea of what that manuscript needed. And December saw the initial scribblings for some new scenes and the fleshing out of some existing ones. I’m still at a loss, however, as to what to post on the blog these days.


Because there’s a simple fact I’ve struggled with for nearly two years. Continue reading

A Merry Time In Old (And New) England — Part 3

Last week was uber busy with getting a big mitigation report out for one of our work projects. That really limited my time to visit other blogs, so I hope you’ll forgive my shorter-than-normal comments or apparent absence. It also meant I didn’t spend as much time with my PerNoReMo as desired, but I hope to make better progress this week. So today we’ll finish up the travelogue posts from my September trip to England with “The Walk” along a chunk of Hadrian’s Wall. Continue reading