I’ll Be Back On August 28, 2012

Just in case any time travelers read the blog, I thought I’d include the year as well as the day. You never know who might have already seen the published version of my manuscripts, after all.

My husband and I are taking a short break. He’s had a few archaeology projects this summer working under the blistering hot sun and stifling humidity. We’re going to kick back, disconnect a bit, and hang out and enjoy ourselves.

I won’t be keeping up with your blogs as much as usual, so you may notice I’m gone during this period or only leaving a like instead of a comment. But I will be back full-time with a post on the 28th—I promise.

If you haven’t started using Scrivener yet, or are new to it, here’s an interesting post from earlier this week from the Live to Write — Write to Live Blog.

Hope to see you all when I’m back!

PS. I couldn’t figure out how to turn off comments for this post. Please don’t feel obligated to leave one. I’d then feel obligated to respond, and I’m supposed to be taking a break!

This was taken near Point of Rocks, Maryland. Notice George Washington only ate here. This may be one of the few places he didn’t sleep in Maryland and Virginia….

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