Book Review — A Simplified Map Of The Real World

A Simplified Map of the Real World by Stevan Allred is the first work of fiction published by a new Oregon-based small press, Forest Avenue Press. I received a pre-publication copy of the book from the press’s founder, fellow blogger Laura Stanfill, as an unexpected “thank you” for my support of her blog and writing and publishing journey. There was no request for a review by Laura, the press, or the author in return. The book is too good, however, not to share with readers of this blog. Continue reading

Book Review — The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches

This is my fourth review as a member of NetGalley, a digital review service where professional readers (such as librarians, bloggers, booksellers, educators, and those in the media) can obtain free advance copies of forthcoming books from publishers for review. The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches was written by Alan Bradley and is the 6th book featuring preadolesecent protagonist Flavia de Luce. The publisher, Random House, categorizes the book as Fiction-Thrillers, Fiction-Historical, and Fiction and tags it as Mystery. Continue reading

Odds And Ends To Begin The Year

I hope everyone is off to a good start with the new year. Here in Maryland, it’s been cold and snowy, although I know many of you have seen far worse weather this winter. For me, it’s time to buckle down on the writing and make some serious progress on at least one WIP. And I need to get back into the blogging swing. To ease back in, I thought I’d start with some sundries. Continue reading