February’s PerNoReMo Update

I was drawing a complete blank for a blog post for this week. Then, on Saturday I realized that no matter how cold the weather, it was March 1st, and my February PerNoReMo was complete. Kate Johnston may recall one of my December or January comments where I said I wanted to keep moving forward with Death Out of Time, even when I got stuck, because I didn’t want to switch to Summer at the Crossroads and use it as a crutch.

image credit: Microsoft clip art

But I can only bang my head against a desk so many times. After making no real progress in December or January, I gave myself permission to work on Summer’s rebuild. I already had the new ideas sketched out and started a new Scrivener file.

So far, very little has come over from the original file, just a few setting descriptions and part of the original opening scene for Kat’s world. And that’s likely it. This truly is a rebuild. Although only 9,015 words into the process, I don’t recognize the stories. Catherine faces what I thought would take place in a sequel. Elements of that now-defunct sequel also now flow through Kat’s and Kathryn’s stories, tightening the weave between them. One of the “potted plants” is now a supporting character and has surprised the hell out of me. Others, once supporting, have ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s fascinating to watch these new stories take shape. Will readers enjoy them? That remains to be seen.

But without further ado, here’s a sketch from the rebuild. Previously, I gave some clips from Kat Donnelly’s adventures in her world. Here’s one from Kathryn Donnellan’s universe. It’s an initial draft of the opening for her story and, of course, subject to change.

Not the modern-day Department of State, but an impressive building in DC to set the scene

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Raising The Bar

Have you ever thought you were good at something and then encountered others who left you in their dust? If we’re honest, we should all be answering, “Yes.” After all, we don’t become experts at something overnight. There’s always a learning curve. Even if we’ve now mastered something, others were there before us.

That’s a younger me at left. The image at right is courtesy of Microsoft clip art.

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Our Contest Winner And Some Fun

First things first—we have a winner for a free copy of Stevan Allred’s A Simplified Map of the World from the publisher, Forest Avenue Press. Excluding me and Laura Stanfill, 20 people commented on the post by the deadline. Comments were assigned a number from 1 to 20 in order of their posting from earliest (1) to last (20). Follow up comments were not included in the count. Using Random.org, I generated a random number between 1 and 20, and 13 came up. Continue reading