Saturday Sit Down — With Jennifer M Eaton

Seventeen-year-old Jess’s dream is to graduate High School and get away from her dull military-brat existence. But racing for her life across New Jersey with a boy she hardly knows is not quite what she had in mind.

David is alone, injured, and lost in the woods. When a young girl stumbles across him, he places his trust, and his life, in her hands. Will she lead him to safety, or right into the hands of the men he is hiding from?

It’s been a while, but I’m delighted to bring you another Saturday Sit Down post. Today, Jennifer M. Eaton joins us. The ebook edition of her novel Fire in the Woods was published in September by Month9Books, and the paperback has just been released. Why not settle into a comfortable seat and help me welcome Jennifer to the blog?

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Book Review — The Red Book of Primrose House

This review comes via my latest request from NetGalley, the digital review service where professional readers (such as librarians, bloggers, booksellers, educators, and those in the media) can obtain free advance copies of forthcoming books from publishers for review. Written by Marty Wingate, The Red Book of Primrose House is the second book in the Potting Shed Mystery series. The ebook is published by Alibi, an imprint of Random House, which is a division of Random House LLC, in turn a Penguin Random House Company. The press categorizes the book as Fiction – Mystery and Detective – Cozy. Continue reading

A Merry Time In Old (And New) England — Part 1

I hope you’ll forgive me for indulging in a few vacation posts. Actually, as I thought about which highlights to cover, I started worrying about overdoing things. I’ll bet everyone has been subjugated to at least one slideshow or home-movie “fest” from a friend or relative. And I don’t want to be that person! So we’ll see just where these posts go…. Continue reading

Why is there so much stuff?!


I’m taking a quick break from my hiatus to do something I don’t normally—reblog a post. But this is a new blog from one of my dearest friends about living fully in a simpler way. I hope you’ll take a few moments to check out her very first post. Now, back to the whirlwind that is my September!

Originally posted on Wise Abundance:

I moved recently from an apartment to a townhouse and the process overwhelmed me. How had I managed to fit all this stuff into a one-bedroom apartment? Some of it held sentimental value, of course, but much of it was just taking up space. A look at my bookshelves provided insight into the larger problem. The shelves were crowded with volumes I rarely looked at:

  • collections of crochet patterns, which I now prefer to browse for online;
  • Shakespeare’s plays (from the days when I could afford a subscription to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater);
  • gardening books (not useful for apartment dwellers);
  • user manuals for software and devices I no longer owned;
  • textbooks from my (long ago) days as an undergrad;
  • books I felt I should read but probably never would.

I walked past these shelves every day but I wasn’t actually seeing what was on them. I had accumulated much of this clutter by…

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See You At The End Of September!

I’m officially in a major stretch of time- and attention-demanding activities. So I’ll be gone from the blogosphere until the end of September, when I should have another post. Until then, I’m afraid I also won’t be able to visit your blogs or catch up on the posts I miss. But I’ll pick up again once I’m through this stretch.

Have a great month, everyone!