How Did I Get Here? – Part 2

In late 2008, a friend told me she had started working on her novel again. And I told her what I said in my last post. I could come up with ideas, but writing them down was another story, so to speak. I envied her talent and perseverance. At the same time, another idea started taking shape in my head from various threads – string theory, the multiverse, alternate selves. Take a character through a slice of her life in a few different universes.

That idea kept going through me, taking more substantial form in my mind, although I still didn’t sit down at the computer. But on Easter Sunday in 2009 I was talking with my mother. And at one point she said, “You’re a good writer. You should write a book.”

Something clicked in my brain. She’s right, I thought – I should try to write this story. And in that conversation, my mother told me a family story I’d never heard before. It became the germ of the last idea I needed to start the book. (Sorry, I can’t tell you what it was – I don’t want to give away too much!) Two days later, I sat down at my computer and started writing a story I would ultimately call Summer at the Crossroads. This time, the words came. And they didn’t stop. I was writing a novel. Looking back, I think that clicking sound was the Muse unlocking the door to creative writing. And that’s how I got here.

If you’re still with me, you might be asking, “But what about the first idea? What happened to it?” Oh, it was still there. But that’s another post for another week.

Any other writers have a similar story? Or a completely different path?

6 thoughts on “How Did I Get Here? – Part 2

  1. Yay for Moms and their encouragement!

    It’s funny, but the idea of a novel or short story that has been in my head since August 1994 was sort of alternate universe too. It was born on the hottest day of the year as we moved into our non air-conditioned house. I made my 50th trip down the stairs and nearly slipped and thought about what if I had slipped on the unfamiliar stairs……and in the split second of falling and whatever injury it entailed, what if out of necessity, I had lived the life I expected to live? Only in this reality, it was cut short by a fall. So there would be 2 stories – the life the main character imagined and the real one minus the main character. Actually, it might be a common theme, since I have since seen it on Star Trek TNG!

    Good for you for following up on your dream. And I agree with your mom – you are a good writer!


    • That would be a really cool story! Short or novel-length. I’ve heard there are no “new” ideas out there – writers just tell new versions of them. But that’s one of the things I love about story telling and writing. It’s so interesting to see what different people do with the “same” idea. Now – how about you start setting down that story, too!


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