Rusty Poetry

I haven’t attempted poetry of any kind since high school. And I wasn’t all that good at it even then. But as part of my goal to mix things up a bit on the blog now and again, I wrote the following haiku.

plaintive mourning doves

against the gray winter sky

herald Spring’s approach

Note the absence of my beloved adverbs. Now, please feel free to run to a real poetry blog for the good stuff ; )

28 thoughts on “Rusty Poetry

  1. Beautiful! I don’t write poetry (and the world thanks me for that), but I still enjoy a lovely verse or two. Well done!

    By the way, thanks for putting my site on your blogroll! Very thoughtful!


    • Thanks! When I wrote it last week, the day was definitely gray. Today, we have uncalled-for sunshine. I’ll happily like the weather folks when they’re wrong in this way.

      Happy Bloggentines Day to you, too!


  2. Beautiful imagery. I used to write free verse in high school and college. Once I got into novel writing, the poetry petered off. I’ve never tried a haiku but maybe I will. You’ve inspired me. 🙂


    • It was fun to do. I thought something as short as haiku would be a simpler start than anything longer. I’m not saying that short is easy. It’s very hard for me to express a thought or image in so few syllables. Those who can do it well are truly talented.

      But go for it! It’s good to give the writing part of the brain some different exercise. 🙂


    • Well, maybe I should have said the attempt was rusty 😉

      I haven’t tried anything like this in such a long time. But it was fun, and I think I’ll have another go it again soon.


  3. Nicely done! I have a fondness for mourning doves.

    Sometimes you just have to say it in verse and not let our formative ‘English’ classes get in the way (where I was crushed by a bad limerick)! 🙂


    • I was lucky to have good English teachers in school. The lessons I learned have (mostly!) stayed with me. But I never thought I was any good at poetry. So this was a stretch for me. But I think I will try a few more down the line. I think it’s good for my brain 🙂


  4. One search that finds my blog often is “naked old women in the locker room.” Yes, an earlier post did have some connection. But no, it was not as awful or as interesting as the searchers might be hoping 🙂


    • Oh, my, I think I’ll have to search your archives for that one! That search may be in the same category as Limebirdbeth’s “interusing your self….” I have to admit, I’m as curious (sometimes!) about the original intent of the searches as I am how the search engines come up with their results!

      Some searches, it’s obvious what someone was looking for. Other times … it makes for a fun post!

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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