Spamapalooza and Spring Fever

Wow, I’m really glad WordPress does a good job filtering spam. I was socked the last week by “people” in Poland “commenting” on my various posts. Fortunately, none of them got through as real comments.

But it’s funny to read them and compare them to the post they were supposedly commenting on. How would I think they were anything BUT spam?! Here are some of my favorites.

“A lot of thanks for your own work on this website. My aunt enjoys participating in research and it is easy to understand why. Most of us know all about the compelling method you convey effective tips by means of the web blog and even foster response from some other people on this article then our favorite child is now studying a lot of things. Enjoy the rest of the year. You’re the one doing a dazzling job.” — This was posted on my “character clip” for Kathryn Donnellan of Summer at the Crossroads.

“some genuinely interesting details you have written.” — This was posted on a page that basically says the associated pages are opening scenes to several sections.

“I dugg some of you post as I cerebrated they were extremely helpful extremely helpful”—Cerebrated…. There’s a new one!

On a more topical note—writing—it’s hard to concentrate this week. We’re getting several days of beautiful spring weather. My husband and I took a nice walk in the park last weekend, and I snapped a few photos.

The maple trees are beginning to bud out. Tree pollen is really high right now, and I can feel it.


 The daffodils are in full bloom, too. They’re some of my favorite spring flowers.


Close up of a flowering tree. These are common in our neighborhood, and they’re really beautiful right now. The cherries in DC aren’t far behind. If temperatures stay warmer than expected, the cherries will peak earlier than usual. If you ever decide to visit Washington for the Cherry Blossom Festival, you should get here during the first part of the festivities. More often than not, the trees are peaking earlier in the season.

The second draft of Death Out of Time got wrapped up on Friday. So it’s time I set it aside and let some fresh eyes look at it. I’m working on notes for the sequel and listening for the characters to start giving me more details. But they may have their own spring fever right now. And we’re all groggy from the time change to Daylight Savings Time. It takes me at least a week to adjust to it.

Hopefully those of you who went through the time change are dealing with it more easily than I am. And if it’s not yet spring in your part of the world, it is coming. (Unless, of course, you’re in the southern hemisphere. I know you’re heading into Autumn!)

23 thoughts on “Spamapalooza and Spring Fever

  1. Well I have Hay fever! 🙂 Its a shame but I actually hate springtime because of the physical suffering. I want my winter back.
    On another note: “Pray yu feel better. My mother told me that aspirin is good for fever. Fever can lead to brain damage, if not take care of. My brother research brain fever. I will come back later. Hope fever gone.”


    • Oh, for me the beautiful flowers and greenery are worth the cost of aspirin and decongestants 🙂

      Aren’t those spammers so kind sometimes? Just hoping to attract you to their lair…. 😉

      One blogger, though, wrote a post about a spam message she got — telling her what an awful writer she was and that she should give up blogging. Now what were they thinking?! Did they expect her to come visit them after that?! Maybe it was “reverse psychology,” but it didn’t strike me as a good marketing tool!


  2. Beautiful pictures! I was feeling worried that spring might not be so vibrant because of the mild winter. But we’ll see…

    I love those spam examples. They are so obviously spam it is laughable. I have had a couple of instances of spam comments getting through WP onto one particular post of mine which is where I recount my experience of being dx’d with pneumonia and having to deal with all the red tape with doctors, hospitals, insurance, etc. Luckily, though, the comments were so unrelated to the content of the post that I knew immediately they weren’t sympathizers to my plight! lol


    • They are a riot. I wish now I would’ve started a file early on where I could keep some of the “gems.” They’d probably make for some more fun posts now and again. They’ve dropped off the past couple of days, so either WordPress has blocked them, or they’ve moved onto a new feeding ground. But spammers always come back. 🙂

      We had an extremely mild winter, too, and most of the flowers and trees are doing well. A few magnolias budded out too early and got hit with our one cold snap. So their flowers are looking a litttle ragged. But everything else is doing well. So hopefully your spring will be a good one, too.

      Now I’m just having a hard time concentrating as I hear cardinals, robins, and song sparrows singing in the neighborhood….


  3. These are gorgeous pictures jm! The cherry tree blossoms are gorgeous!! We are having a bit of a warming spell here in the Rockies–still lots of snow on the ground up here in the mountains but I’m going to open up all the windows today and let fresh air flow through the house. Yes, I’m having trouble adjusting to the time change too…I really dislike changing back and forth!! Enjoy your beautiful Spring weather 🙂 And congrats on finishing your 2nd draft!


    • Thanks, Jeannie! I’ve got the windows open, too, but keeping an eye on the humidity. We’ve been really dry recently, although we did get some rain last night. Of course, it’s just a matter of time before my eyes feel grit-filled, and my head gets stuffy. But I love getting rid of that stale winter air in the house.

      Hopefully the weather won’t impact your writing too much like it does mine! I think I wrapped up Draft 2 just in time!


    • Thank you so much! It’s really wonderful to hear that from someone as talented as you with a camera. It’s hard to go wrong with flowers and trees in springtime for subject matter, isn’t it? 🙂


  4. Don’t those spammers just make you feel like liquid gold? They’re often so complimentary!

    Beautiful photos, and I hear you on the inverse relationship between this early spring weather and writing. By the way, not to creep you out, but last night I dreamed you were giving me and 3 others a writing seminar. And you were kind enough to make us salad dressing, though there was no salad. Oh, how a dreaming mind works!


    • Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your comment—I would’ve spit it all over my computer from laughing so hard! Now, I could make some salad dressing. But me giving a writing seminar?! That’s just too darn funny! Just where did I put the salad, I wonder….

      Of course, soon you and everyone might find out I’m a complete poseur. 4amWriter aka LimebirdKate has graciously agreed to read Draft 2 of “Death Out of Time.” I hope the story won’t disappoint her! 🙂

      Seriously, though, I’m looking forward to her beta comments. I need someone objective to read this version and offer objective criticism. I think the story’s a good one. But my writing needs to do it justice.


      • Not that I recall. It’s weird how the mind works, because the other people were not concrete–kind of blurs, actually. But there you were, in your red coat (cause that’s all I’ve seen you in based on your Gravitar), mixing oils and seasonings while you talked writing. Was really quite impressive! (Man, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!)


        • Oh, that is hilarious! I should probably post a better photo for spring and summer. I’ll be getting too warm in that coat. I just can’t get rid of that jacket, though. I’ve had it at least 10 years, but it’s so warm and keeps the wind out. Lands’ End when they were at their best, I think.

          If I can just stop laughing, I need to make some lunch!


          • Oh, man. You just gave me more fodder. I’ll be kind, I promise, but instead of getting to my WIP, I’m going to start straight away on my next post! The wheels are turning…


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  7. I love the nonsensical spam comments. Thank goodness for the spam filter. Love your spring pics. So gorgeous. I went to school in DC and I had 4 lovely springs filled with cherry blossoms. Sigh. Good times.


    • The cherries are in full bloom right now. Tomorrow is supposed to start the peak. The pears, redbuds, and some magnolias are just gorgeous, too. Even with headaches and a stuffy nose, this is my favorite time of year and favorite place to be.

      I love reading some of the spam. But yes, thankfully it’s in the spam queue and I can just hit delete when I’m done! 🙂


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