When A Writer Starts Losing It

So Friday afternoon (yesterday) rolled around. I had finished up the day job and caught up with blogs and laundry. And I had Saturday’s (today’s) blog post all ready to go. I was ready for the weekend.

And then I checked the calendar. The subject of that Saturday post doesn’t take place until April 14th. I didn’t have a post for April 7th, after all. I had gotten ahead of myself. D’oh!

So instead of doing something fun—a beta read of a fellow blogger’s manuscript—I’m scrambling to write a post for the morning. And how many people will even be blogging this weekend? But I set a schedule, as the blog gods dictate we should do, and I’m doing my darndest to keep to it.

But this has me wondering. What happened to my normally well-prepared and logical brain? Is it just normal aging? Or has the creative side started to take over, pushing logic and reason aside? Sometimes that’s a good thing—like when I’m working on the novels. But I still need the rational side, too—you know, the side that remembers what day it is and what I’m supposed to do at work and when to pay the bills. So unless the creative side is going to take on those duties, it better play nice with the logical, reasonable me.

Did I ignore the creative side so long that it’s taking revenge on me now that it’s been allowed to speak out loud? I prefer this scenario to some smart aleck saying, “No, you’re just getting old.”

It hurts. It might have to come out.

Better bloggers would have used this experience to come up with a witty new post. And they would have done it in a matter of minutes and then immediately have been rewarded with Freshly Pressed status for their awesome talents. That’s not how it happens in my universe, though. Here, it’s sit at the computer and wonder where the good ideas are hanging out—undoubtedly at the cool bloggers’ houses on a Friday evening.

I refuse to put it down to aging. I’m going to blame the early spring and thus early allergy onset. My eyes are dry and scratchy, and the lime-green dusting of pollen on the cars is probably lining my sinuses and throat, too. If we can get a good rain to wash out the air, I’ll be good as new. And the good news is I have next Saturday’s post finished. I can devote more time to writing and beta reading next week.

Maybe every cloud does have a silver lining. But I’d really appreciate it if it could drop a nice rain shower in the next day or two.

And so to close, a few final funny spam entrées from the past couple of days:

this internet site is my inhalation , rattling superb design and style and perfect articles .” — such gushing praise! Why, then, do I have a hard time believing it? Because the next “comment” in the spam queue was:

“Rattling nice design and style and superb written content , hardly anything else we require : D.” — sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But just what is a “rattling design?”

A late addition this morning— “I precisely desired to appreciate you once more. I am not sure the things that I might have implemented without those methods discussed by you over such area of interest. It became an absolute frightening setting in my view, nevertheless considering the well-written technique you solved that made me to weep for delight. I’m happier for the guidance as well as hope you are aware of an amazing job you happen to be undertaking teaching some other people by way of your web site. I’m certain you’ve never met any of us.” — Who knew my short character clip of Kathryn Donnellan could make such an impact?

And my personal favorite to date—

Farmville cheats strays against a hint. This incorrect use rockets next to the accolade. Is going to Farmville cheats be sad past the train? Your set of questions lathers the grab.” — this sounds like it wants to be a coded message in Dan Brown’s next book . . . or a fortune cookie.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

42 thoughts on “When A Writer Starts Losing It

  1. Yes, I hear you loud and clear (despite all the pollen in the air). Unfortunately, this is a year-round occurance for me, so I can’t blame allergies! In the past couple of years, I have had to really strain to transition between creative thinking and logical thinking. Most definitely my creative brain is much more aggressive these days than my logical, rational brain.

    Such imbalance has also affected my preference to plan things ahead of time. Somehow I have lost that edge and am now relegated to day-to-day planning, sometimes even hour-to-hour planning. That is totally against my nature, and I am having a difficult time adjusting.

    I would rather not give aging any credit at all unless it helps me to become more well rounded, like a nice bottle of wine… 🙂


    • Well, if it lasts much longer, the allergies won’t work as an excuse anymore. 😉 And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one suffering from it. Like you said, it can be a struggle to go from creative to logical when I need to. You could always use the kids for your excuse, though! 🙂

      But it is frustrating that things that used to be so simple to remember now need reminders on the calendar or a “to do” list! Ouch!

      And I definitely agree—we should all become like bottles of fine wine as the years go by. 🙂


  2. I think it’s admirable that you stick to a schedule at all! I just try to post when I can, hitting at least a few each week. Give yourself a pat on the back!


    • I’ll try to do that. 🙂 But I’m usually my harshest critic!

      And so far I’m avoiding Twitter, my Facebook presence is my personal page with “real life” friends and family, I’m not LinkedIn, and I’m not interested in Pinterest. All the things the writing gurus say new writers must do. So I try to at least be consistent with the blog!

      Have a great weekend!


  3. Oh, your mind is swimming with so many writerly ideas, a blog post is bound to get a back seat now and then! You’re doing great. This happens to me too and I have no day job to blame it on–and I am aging. Some days it feels like it is proceeding at a fairly rapid pace! LOL

    Don’t you love those spam comments? I think whoever writes these do not have English as their first language.

    Hope you enjoy the Easter weekend! We’re going to our kid’s home for the day. I’ll be surrounded by all the grandbabies. xoxox


    • Babies! You can blame scattered thought processes on the grandbabies! They’re always a distraction, aren’t they? 😉

      The spam has really been entertaining the past week or so. It all gets dumped, of course, so it’s not having the desired effect. Maybe if telemarketers were so funny, we might pick up the phone!

      Quiet weekend for us—we’re preparing for next weekend’s neighborhood yard/garage sale. Fingers crossed on clearing out some room! 🙂

      Happy Easter!


  4. I think I have been enlightened to the source of such spam, at least the source code. There was one I got several days ago that was a near-Endless list of random words inside ( ) ‘s, clearly someone blew it with the cut and paste before sending. It was rather like being flashed by the bot involved.


    • Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      The spam I get on the blog is far more entertaining than I would’ve imagined. I never open any that come to my email, but perusing through my spam queue at WordPress is usually good for some smiles and laughs. If the bots ever master the English language, we might be in trouble, though. I’m sure there are endless novel possibilities for that scenario.

      Enjoy the weekend!


  5. See? You are an innovator. You have taken what most of us blame on aging brains and transformed it into a creative brain vs. logical brain kind of thing. I like that! So, I am not getting old and forgetful; rather, I am becoming more creative and thus have little time to worry about those pesky practical matters. Missy, you have just changed my way of thinking. Consider me a new subscriber to the McDowell Thought Methodology. 🙂


    • Hmm, maybe I could write a self-help book on this and really make some money… lol! And I know part of the methodology would include regular doses of fine wine…. Oooh, this could be the next big thing!

      Yes, creative brains rock! We must celebrate and embrace them! Although I’m not sure we should leave practicality and logic to the children…. This will need to be addressed somehow…. 😀

      Hmm, now I have some new distracting, er, creative thoughts for the weekend! Enjoy yours! 🙂


  6. You’re not giving yourself enough credit here. You did put together a post, one that had me laughing and nodding along. Believe me, I know what it’s like to have something suddenly be out of the expected order, or not in your brain when it should be. I’d say you’ve done well wit this one 😀


    • Aw, thanks, Julie! I just couldn’t believe it when I looked at my calendar and realized today would only be the 7th, not the 14th! I mean, I’d been functioning all week knowing what the dates were. And yet I had it in my head that next Saturday would be this one. Argh!

      I envy those bloggers who would’ve just come up with another great post, never letting the readers know there had nearly been a glitch. But your comments and others make me realize I didn’t do too bad a job, after all. 🙂

      Hope you’re having fun writing on your long weekend! (And remember to eat. 😉 )


      • Hey, if it makes you feel better, I nearly missed my dad’s birthday this past week because it was the 3rd, but my brain kept insisting it was the 2nd. Thank god my mother called me and they both understood.

        And I made a huge batch of soup so I’d have no excuse not to eat. Microwave and eat. 🙂


          • Yeah, well, since I don’t get to see them much, it’s important to me to call them on days like that. I owe my mom for that phone call. And believe me, my own birthday largely lost meaning once I passed into my late twenties. Now, it’s just used as an excuse to see family and friends. Any other excuse would do as far as I’m concerned. Theirs, just cause I want to, because they’re available. You know, any old excuse. 🙂


  7. Ha-ha – I have to do everything that needs doing as soon as I think of it, or it goes on ‘the list.’ Anything outside of these two options gets lost. I’d go easy on yourself with the blog posts though – it’s supposed to be fun, after all!


    • I think you’ve got a ready excuse for any brain lapses or distractions in the new baby! 🙂

      It’s hard for me to go easy on myself. Blogging twice a week should not be difficult. And keeping track of something as simple as today’s date? Grr! Hopefully the personal significance of April 14 will come through in next week’s post! 🙂

      But the blogging is fun, and I love the interaction with fellow writers like you—and nonwriters, too!

      Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!


  8. I too envy the ability to switch from creative to logical with a simple direction. I blame my inability on deeper channels in the brain: well defined grooves so cut that it makes it hard for electrical impulses to jump track. This week I have to stay in those logical ruts to catch up with the mechanics of my life…will miss wandering those illogical paths.


    • The creative paths are so much more interesting for me. The logical brain has its role, and it’s very important, but I don’t get the same feeling from it. I love being surprise by a new idea and that sense of wonderment at the possibilities of it. Sometimes, I get lost in them. And that’s a good feeling.


  9. a) this is ‘rattingly creative’ — though, i’m not sure ‘rattingly’ is a word, but i just had to use it. loolll.
    b) hate to tell you, but you are a ‘cool blogger’. now step out of the house in your new dress and embrace the sun because you shine every time i read one of your posts. seriously.
    c) you are witty and clever and interesting….
    d) so glad i read this today — we all feel like we have nothing a lot of the time…and we all miss a scheduled planish sort of thing, even when we’ve been doing well for so long!

    anyway, momma loves you. me


    • Oh, wow, thanks for making my day! Because for sure a lot of those good post ideas hang out at your house! I will embrace the sun tomorrow because it’s already setting here, and the wind is blowing about 30-40 mph. So that dress would have a hard time staying where it should, unless I borrowed some of Queen Elizabeth’s lead weights. 🙂

      Catching up on my reading this evening, too, so see you shortly at your blog!


  10. I hate when that happens! Lately I keep a running list of 3 blog topics to write about on my to-do list. Lol. I do love your spam comments too. That last one is such an enigma, 🙂


    • Thanks, Kourtney! I had to include that one when I saw it. It was just too funny. It really made me think of coded messages and fortune cookies that got horribly mangled by a translator. 🙂

      I should take some time to jot down some possible topics and then work some up. When I started blogging, I had a pretty good number of posts in the hopper. Somehow, I used them all up!


      • Now that I cut back to 4 a week from 5, I always seem to have one or two topics that bump back to the next week. LOL.


        • Down to 4 posts now. I could never have gotten UP to that point! LOL. Catching up now on blogs for the day, and I see from my email you’ve got one with your grandmother. Be there soon!


  11. Oh, no. You can’t pull the wool over our eyes. Struggling? Ending up with a wandering (hilarious) post after much hand wringing? Oh not falling for the melodrama when actually you are sneakily building anticipation in your readers for that April 14th post. Don’t deny it – you know we are all waiting – wondering – in anguish: what will it be? You can’t fool us! How cruel…to throw out a post and take it back before we can grab it. Agony. OK. You won. we’ll just chuckle over this one for a bit…..waiting….(no pressure now…)
    (and we are so jealous – you already a post ready to go for next Saturday.)


    • Darn—you saw through my ploy! But I hope that after this build up, you won’t be disappointed in it. A little more on the serious side, but in a good way.

      And it is good to have this week’s posts done ahead of time. Now I just have to put that extra chunk of time to good use…. Working on the novels and reading blogs sounds good to me. 😉


  12. Don’t worry, time shifting is a regular occurrence in life. I skip ahead a couple of days. Worse? Lag behind a day or two. Then I realize I have nothing to write, nothing to blog and then, out of desperation, I post an LOLcat. I’m a sorry excuse for a blogger. sigh

    As to the pollen? My normally white dog has turned a terrible pond-scum yellow. Yes, he’s been bathed 3 times in one week and the cat too! I’ll do a rain dance to the weather dieties, Hopefully, they’ll find my offering pleasing and bring on the rain.


    • It’s really reassuring to hear other bloggers run into the same glitches. 🙂 But I envy those that can recover and never let you know they made a misstep. 😉 I was stumped for anything other than writing about what happened.

      I hope the cat and dog don’t have allergies! That would be hard on them. My husband washed the car a week ago, and within two days there was another coating of pollen on it. And everything is so dry. We’ve even got the Weather Service saying not to do anything involving flames outside right now. All I ask is no rain on Saturday before 1 o’clock—it’s our big neighborhood garage/yard sale day. But any other time would be just fine. Maybe I’ll try a rain dance, too 🙂


  13. Laughs! I think you are among the cool bloggers that have dragged creativity home! Beautiful post. Can’t stop laughing when I see these spam entries. Interesting indeed!


    • Oh, that is so true! High school wasn’t a nightmare for me, but I’ve never had any desire to go back. Have you seen those pages on Facebook, “You know you’re from XYZ?” I looked at the one from my hometown a bit and thought so many of the posts were depressing. It was like some people’s best years were when they were in high school. That’s a little young to have peaked, I think! 🙂


  14. always wanted to publish a post with spam comments but now it would be plagiarism if i do it, right :D?


    • I think the spammers would be flattered—if they were real people! 🙂 And I know I’m not the only one who does it. I think you’d be in good company. 🙂

      They’re such good material for posts!


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