As The New Year Approaches

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May 2014 bring each and everyone a year filled with

















For ourselves and for all others

51 thoughts on “As The New Year Approaches

  1. My congratulations for this beautiful poem and my best wishes for a happy new year! A hug with affection! πŸ™‚ Antonio


    • I think if popular culture expressed such values more frequently, we would see some real improvement in behavior. I can dream, right? You have a Happy New Year, too, Carrie!


    • And I love the way you think, too, Brigitte. πŸ™‚ After everything you’ve been through since late 2012, I sincerely hope you have a peaceful and rejuvenating year.


    • Thank you, Jagoda! I plan to launch “PerNoReMo 2” tomorrow to get back on the writing track. I was seriously derailed this month by too much work and the holidays. And these last few days have seen my November post about the strange hits on my blog go viral. Apparently the company has been busy hitting a lot of blogs and websites, and when people search for them, my post is at the top of the search rankings! I’ve never seen so much blog traffic!


      • Wow–going viral is both exciting and daunting, I would imagine. Maybe some of those folks will stick around and add to your fan base.


  2. Happy New Year, JM! These last few months have been a whirlwind for me, and I’m kind of looking at today with a raised eyebrow, thinking, ‘where did that time go?’ I love your poetic wish as we head into 2014. May the new year bring you the best of what life has to offer.


    • Happy New Year to you, too, Kate! The year has flown by for me, too, and I don’t feel ready for 2014. But I plan to start “PerNoReMo 2” tomorrow and start making progress again on Death Out of Time. That is, if the traffic to the post I described above to Jagoda will slow down!

      And may 2014 bring you wonderful times with your friends, familyβ€”and stories. πŸ™‚


  3. This is why new years are fun – I love hoping for more peace and happiness in the world while thinking anything is possible in that new year. Good luck with your novel revisions. Wishing you happiness and laughter and all kinds of revising fun in the new year!


    • May you have an equally wonderful and creative year, Sheila! While 2013 wasn’t the worst year I ever had, it wasn’t anywhere close to the best ones, either. I’m hoping for better times for the entire planet in 2014. πŸ™‚


      • Thanks for saying so JM – I’m been a bit out of it in terms of blogging. Partly because of the holidays and Nov. / Dec. were so busy at the day job (lots of trainings, presentations and prep time). January should be a bit lighter (I hope) and I can get back to focusing on the blog and other writing πŸ™‚

        Hope the same for you too!


  4. Here is to a creative, fun-filled, happy and healthy 2014 to you and yours. Thanks for all your wonderful blog posts and your loyal support of so many writers. It means a lot to us!


    • Wishing you the same, Helga! And the support of fellow writers like you is what keeps me going, even when my self-doubt wants me to crumble. I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures and those of your fellow five writers in 2014!


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  6. Pretty hard to add anything to that wish list! 2014 even has a nicer sound – hope that’s a good sign.
    Button up and stay warm – we’re hovering around freezing, but there’s a bit of sun – and no snow!
    Winter – nature’s way of making us sit and think…and catch up on sleep hopefully…except for dog wrangling.
    May your new year be stellar!


    • The snow and temperatures are falling now, and tomorrow might only reach the low 20s. Brr! This winter seems to lurch from mild to cold and back again. Not how I would prefer to start the new year. πŸ˜‰ But I’ll try to go with the flow rather than wear myself out by fighting it. Wrangling dogs would probably be a good way to stay warm! Here’s to Hope and its achievements in 2014!


    • And the same to you, Weebs! I know you’ve been busy with other projects, but it’s great to see you out and about again. Meghan missed you over Halloween. πŸ™‚


  7. May each day of the New Year be joyful and rewarding. What a beautiful picture I love the contrast of the green and the white leaves.
    Cheers πŸ™‚


    • May you find the New Year to be the same! Even though we have frigid temperatures and snow on the ground, this seemed like the best photo for the post. πŸ™‚


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