Why is there so much stuff?!

I’m taking a quick break from my hiatus to do something I don’t normally—reblog a post. But this is a new blog from one of my dearest friends about living fully in a simpler way. I hope you’ll take a few moments to check out her very first post. Now, back to the whirlwind that is my September!

Wise Abundance

I moved recently from an apartment to a townhouse and the process overwhelmed me. How had I managed to fit all this stuff into a one-bedroom apartment? Some of it held sentimental value, of course, but much of it was just taking up space. A look at my bookshelves provided insight into the larger problem. The shelves were crowded with volumes I rarely looked at:

  • collections of crochet patterns, which I now prefer to browse for online;
  • Shakespeare’s plays (from the days when I could afford a subscription to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater);
  • gardening books (not useful for apartment dwellers);
  • user manuals for software and devices I no longer owned;
  • textbooks from my (long ago) days as an undergrad;
  • books I felt I should read but probably never would.

I walked past these shelves every day but I wasn’t actually seeing what was on them. I had accumulated much of this clutter by…

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15 thoughts on “Why is there so much stuff?!

  1. This is a good reblog post…I’m always trying to downsize and this post gave me ideas on stuff I no longer need…Now, it’s to get motivated to do it! Hope your enjoying your hiatus. 🙂


  2. I resemble this post in my pre-moving process of getting our house on the market. It must look like a model home. Okay, then. Time for a garbage run (or four) and a trip to Goodwill (or six).


    • Thanks for stopping by to check out her blog! And best wishes with all that cleaning. As someone who has purchased several homes, I can assure you the cleanliness level is a major influence on those critical first impressions! 🙂


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