An Anniversary

This is a brief post. Today marks the sixth anniversary of the day I first sat down at the computer and began writing a novel.

This seems a great photo for a writing prompt. Any takers?

This seems a great photo for a writing prompt. Any takers?

Six years later, the story hasn’t been published. Neither has the second novel I drafted. Some might view that as failure, but I don’t. I continue to learn about the craft of writing. The stories are getting better. Whether they’re ever good enough to publish remains unknown. But the fact that I’ve stuck with the writing this long tells me I’m serious about doing it as well as I can.

Maybe “as well as I can” will never be good enough to find a sizable audience. But I’m learning again to simply enjoy the act of writing and bringing the stories to life. If publication follows, that will simply be the frosting on the cake.

There are still periods that frustrate me—such as when I can’t figure out what scene is needed in a particular spot or how a character should be acting in a certain situation. The important thing is that I keep going. I haven’t quit. The current WIP is slowly but surely heading for a completed rough draft. Once it’s done, I may ask a couple of betas to see if they think the story holds promise for a wider audience. Or maybe I’ll wait until a true first draft is completed. I haven’t decided yet.

But I’m hoping that day isn’t too far off. . . .

One office wall is fully set up so far

So far, one office wall is fully set up

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    • We are fine. It’s terrible to see events like this happen anywhere, but of course, it hits harder when it’s closer to home. But Balto’s a ways to the east and not usually on our radar, I’m afraid. Still, it’s strange to receive emails at work from higher ups warning not to go there for meetings and such until the situation is back under control.


      • Watching the news right now. Wow. It is awful! I am shocked at the destruction of businesses, property, and such, that had nothing to do with the incident. Senseless.


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