Odds And Ends To Begin The Year

I hope everyone is off to a good start with the new year. Here in Maryland, it’s been cold and snowy, although I know many of you have seen far worse weather this winter. For me, it’s time to buckle down on the writing and make some serious progress on at least one WIP. And I need to get back into the blogging swing. To ease back in, I thought I’d start with some sundries. Continue reading

Blogging Archaeology

I’m taking part in the “Blogging Archaeology” carnival sponsored by Doug’s Archaeology. The carnival is designed to expand upon the 2014 Blogging Session that will be held at the Society for American Archaeology’s annual meeting in April 2014. Doug is asking a series of questions each month leading up to the meeting. Continue reading

If No One Sees My Blog Theme, Does It Still Exist?

WordPress gives its bloggers a wide variety of themes to choose from, one of the many features that led me to blog here. There’s a great range of free themes, and we have some options for personalizing them. If we’re willing to shell out some money, we can purchase premium themes with more options to make our blogs “stand out from the crowd” and be “more exclusive.” We can spend more money and further customize our themes with CSS.

Themes are a great way for us to express our individuality and personality in a visual manner. But there’s a change in the air. Continue reading

Who The Heck Is . . .


I believe in “better safe than sorry.” So I did not allow a comment on this post today. Why? Because the email address for the sender was at “gmai” [dot] com and not the correct “gmail” [dot] com format. I wasn’t going to take any chances with a spammer or phisher getting through. So if you don’t see a comment of yours coming through after moderation, and you’re a legitimate blogger or person, you might want to consider how your on-line persona looks to your potential audience. I’m not the only blogger who nixes sketchy comments or contact info. Continue reading

Seasons Turn

Fall, or Autumn if you prefer, has reached my part of Maryland. Last week, temperatures dropped into the 60s and even 50s for highs as a cold front and the remnants of Karen came through. Karen apparently decided she liked this part of the world and stuck around for a few days, dropping a few inches of much needed rain on us. It was a rather gloomy view from my office window—although the shifting tree colors helped to break up the gray. Continue reading

Characters Who Won’t Let Go

This image pretty much sums up my blogging ideas last week for today’s post.

A few topics surfaced now and again, but none of them drove me to my computer, compelled to set down a torrent of words before they escaped my grasp. This was a good situation, though. Because it seems my creative brain wanted to play with other ideas. You see, it’s been flitting from story to story to  story, although never alighting on one long enough for me to begin writing. Yes, three stories. Now, please don’t groan and roll your eyes at my apparent inability to stick with one. These aren’t new stories per se. Continue reading

Musings From The Road

We drove back from Chicago to Maryland on Friday. It made for a long day (11 hours and 20 minutes on the road), but we had the three-day Memorial Day weekend to recover from our break.

Those long drives get me thinking, and today’s post covers some of my thoughts. The photos are from the trip, but they aren’t related to the musings. I just wanted to share some of them. Continue reading