Buried Deeds — Part 18 — Conclusion ( A Meghan Bode Mystery)

On the drive to Wyndham Thicket Farm, Meghan expects her phone to ring, with Evelyn or Douglas canceling her trip. But no calls interrupt her ride. She’s about to turn onto the farm lane when an oncoming truck drives in first. Jackson Carter waves back to her as they head up to the visitor’s lot and park. Continue reading

Buried Deeds — Part 17 ( A Meghan Bode Mystery)

The next morning, Meghan cancels her call to Evelyn in mid-dial. Douglas had requested she contact him with her research findings. But that was before she saw Frank Sloma leaving Douglas’s office building. There must be a connection. Still, Sandberg hasn’t returned her call. Maybe he learned one of the Brownes set the fire, and no serious crime was committed. Continue reading

Buried Deeds — Part 15 ( A Meghan Bode Mystery)

Meghan swears under her breath when she finally finds an open spot in a parking garage near Douglas Browne’s law office in northwest DC. There’s no time to grab a cup of coffee before meeting with him. At least she’ll have only a short walk to the Metro station for her afternoon research at the National Archives.

She wears dress pants and a good blouse, but the outfit is no match for the receptionist’s designer suit and stiletto heels. The firm must pay the support staff well—or provide a clothing allowance. Douglas comes downstairs within only a few minutes. Continue reading

Buried Deeds — Part 14 ( A Meghan Bode Mystery)

Meghan arrives at the farm early Wednesday morning, where Jackson Carter waits for her in the parking lot. Her nose crinkles at an unfamiliar smell in the air.

“Everyone’s at the house, Dr. Bode. Miss Evelyn is in a right state.” Continue reading

Buried Deeds — Part 12 ( A Meghan Bode Mystery)

“I’m sorry, but I can’t say anything about the project without permission from the landowners. You’ll have to talk with them first.”

Meghan hangs up the phone. It’s three o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, and she’s fielded calls from twelve reporters hoping for a story on the findings at Wyndham Thicket Farm.

“It won’t get you anywhere, but you can talk to them,” she mutters, returning to her Internet research on Josiah Kent. Continue reading