A Merry Time In Old (And New) England — Part 3

Last week was uber busy with getting a big mitigation report out for one of our work projects. That really limited my time to visit other blogs, so I hope you’ll forgive my shorter-than-normal comments or apparent absence. It also meant I didn’t spend as much time with my PerNoReMo as desired, but I hope to make better progress this week. So today we’ll finish up the travelogue posts from my September trip to England with “The Walk” along a chunk of Hadrian’s Wall. Continue reading

A Merry Time In Old (And New) England—Part 2

So as I work on my PerNoReMo, we’ll keep this post simple. Here are some photos from York that my husband and I took in September. York features some wonderful old Medieval and Renaissance buildings and the wall that protected the old city.

We stayed in a hotel located in a building dating from the 1700s that had been built against one of the Medieval gates, which you can see at left below. The view at right is back up the street from the hotel.


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A Merry Time In Old (And New) England — Part 1

I hope you’ll forgive me for indulging in a few vacation posts. Actually, as I thought about which highlights to cover, I started worrying about overdoing things. I’ll bet everyone has been subjugated to at least one slideshow or home-movie “fest” from a friend or relative. And I don’t want to be that person! So we’ll see just where these posts go…. Continue reading

Treading Water

I keep reminding myself this summer is extraordinarily busy. More hours at the day job. A trip back to the Midwest to see family. Moving from one city to another. And we’re not done yet. But it looks like my estimated time of arrival back at “normal” after September needs to be pushed back. There’s a niggling concern that I may be entering a “new normal” that feels anything but. Continue reading

Settling In Again

If you read my last post, you know my husband and I recently made a local move. Nothing too far. Just the next city closer to DC and work. We’re still unpacking at the new place and cleaning the old, but slowly we’re settling in to the new house. We continue to rent because we’re not yet sure where we really want to settle longer term. This was another major leg of my 5-month marathon, and I was hoping for a breather before things picked up again in August and September. . No such luck. We got the notice to proceed on Phase III investigations at two sites in DC, so it looks like work busyness will be high through the end of the year. Really, that’s good! Continue reading