Meghan Bode’s Wintry Tale — Part 1 of 2

The blog turns two on Thursday. And to celebrate, both the anniversary and Halloween, Meghan Bode has offered the following little treat from her past. The conclusion will post on Thursday.

silv’ry dusk descends

drawing form from snowy earth

surely eyes deceive Continue reading

Characters Who Won’t Let Go

This image pretty much sums up my blogging ideas last week for today’s post.

A few topics surfaced now and again, but none of them drove me to my computer, compelled to set down a torrent of words before they escaped my grasp. This was a good situation, though. Because it seems my creative brain wanted to play with other ideas. You see, it’s been flitting from story to story to  story, although never alighting on one long enough for me to begin writing. Yes, three stories. Now, please don’t groan and roll your eyes at my apparent inability to stick with one. These aren’t new stories per se. Continue reading

Into The Dog Days

August is nearly upon us. Blogland’s population is largely on vacation. And I wonder if some of those “on a break” will really come back. I hope they do.

Working through Meghan’s new story is slow-going, and there are too many days where I question my ability to write it. But I made some real progress this weekend, and that feels good. So I’d thought I’d again share a short bit from the first draft of the book’s second scene: Continue reading