No Cheating

I may not be the quickest study when it comes to writing, but I learn from my earlier mistakes.

I really wanted to give “Character Q” Point of View (POV) status in the rebuild of Death Out of Time.  I think “Q” would provide an interesting vantage point for the reader. When I started the original manuscript, “Original Me” would have dived in, thinking, “No problem, let’s do it.” Continue reading

What’s Your View On Point Of View?

Point of View? Something else I have to consider? When will I ever finish these books?

Some of my characters are frustrated. Specifically, those from Summer at the Crossroads. They’re tired of waiting for me to finish Death Out of Time, the book I think would find the “biggest” audience for a new writer.

They forced me to look at their manuscript again. They read the beta review comments for the other book, and they’re afraid readers will point out similar problems. Their biggest concern? Point of view (POV). Continue reading